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Select this service to change the phone number used by the gate code. If you want to change the phone number for more than one gate code number, submit a separate request for each number.

When you select this service, the checkout page will ask you to fill in two items of specific of information, in addition to your general identifying info.:

  • The number from your parking decal for which the change will apply. This number is associated with your name on the scrolling list of residents and is the numeric gate code that you can enter on the dial pad.
  • The new phone number that you wish to be called when the gate code is entered.

This change must be entered in the security system which is physically located in the office of the rental property. As a result, changes can only be made during hours when both the HOA property management office and the rental office are open. That typically means that changes will not occur on weekends, holidays or during the evening.

The HOA Office will send an email when the change has been entered.


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