Additional Fob


Reason for the request

Why does the individual need access to the property?

For how long?

How long will they require the fob?

Who are they?

Personal identifying information: full name, age, relationship to owner, DL number, Passport number or equivalent?

Cell Phone of New Fob User


Every unit is allotted two fobs that are associated with the unit. They can be used by whomever the owner assigns. If an additional fob is issued, they must be associated with a specific individual and that individual must be easily reachable by the HOA Management Office.

In order to get an additional fob, an owner must submit a request that is consistent with the Stacks fob security guidelines, together with a check for $100 made out to “The Stacks At Fulton Cotton Mill” . When you complete this online notification, you will get an email “receipt”.

Special information requirements:

  • Reason for the request … i.e., why does the individual need access to the property?
  • Duration … how long will they need the fob?

Additional fobs must be picked up in person by the individual who is assigned the fob. The Property Manager may require proof of identity … e.g, photo ID/drivers license, etc.

Fobs will be deactivated after the requested duration. At the Property Manager’s discretion, Fobs with unlimited duration may be issued, but they require a stronger justification (e.g., additional family member is living in unit).


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