The property management office and the Stacks Board has had a busy half year with contracting. We have had several (too many) instances where contractor work has resulted in serious disturbance to neighbors or even verifiable unsafe situations.

After reviewing the Condo Docs with our attorneys, the Board reconfirmed that it has the legal power to approve/disapprove specific work and specific contractors.

So, by default, contractors are allowed to work at the owner’s pleasure unless they violate reasonable norms of safe practice, create unreasonable nuisance to neighbors, or fail to follow their commitments to meet mutually agreed ACC guidelines. If that happens, the Property Manager will order the owner to stop work until all issues are resolved and the Board may disapprove future projects that use specific contractors if it believes the contractor poses an unacceptable ongoing risk to the community.

To be clear, we don’t plan to publish a “banned” or “approved” list for public viewing because we don’t want to impact contractors who may be doing safe work in settings that are less challenging than the Stacks.

So here’s the deal.

If you’re an owner planning work that requires external contractors, DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT OR GIVE A DEPOSIT until you check with the Property Management office to verify that the contractor is allowed to work on the property. Most will be OK, but you don’t want to be tied to one who isn’t.

Finally, since we don’t want to unreasonably limit owner options or contractors business opportunities, we are also working on a process, which should be published soon, to allow disapproved contractors to apply for reinstatement.

Warning … it will be demanding.

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