These notes are NOT the official Board Minutes. The Board will vote on approving those at the next Open Board Meeting in May. They will then be available online shortly after. These notes are an informal summary of the topics and discussions that occurred at the most recent meeting.

April 2019 Stacks Open HOA Meeting
April 23, 2019
Location: Stacks Gym

Board Members in attendance: Vic Uzumeri, Dionne Gule, Jim Durtschi, Matt Bowers. Will Perry, Ed Gibson Absent (excused): Jake Elsas

FirstService Attendees: Jill Amable, Bruce Veates, Jason Pure

Pre-Meeting discussion:

Enforcement and discussion around enforcement of “nuisance” rules. Specifically come from getting into other owners  adjacent lofts. Do we know enough to formulate a motion of some sort? Do we know how to enforce? policy to implement? No decision or motion decided on.

7:05 Meeting called to order by Vic
Quorum established
Last months minutes passed



  • So far first quarter we are significantly under budget, some items have not incurred yet. The reserve study was budgeted to be in March and has not begun yet.
  • We need to begin looking at the research study, Tower and the Stacks will be big ticket items.
  • Bruce will pull the last reserve study for the board to review so we can see who did it and begin the process.

Architecture —— Nothing new

Communication —— Nothing new, still trying to figure out the role of this committee

EV (Electric Vehicles)——

  • Matt has set up a meeting to see if there is a cost effective way for us to get some charging stations on the property.
  • The current estimate we have is for around $40,000.

Hulsey Yard External Committee update——

  • Committee has had their initial meeting
  • First round of public meetings with the planning firm will be in early May
  • Look for specifics in the Portal, Newsletter and around the neighborhood


  • Nothing since last meeting
  • Still scheduling a meeting to work on a punch list of items needed to do around the property. All ideas are welcome.

Welcome and Events——

  • Next meeting is Wednesday 24th @ 7:00 at the pool
  • If it rains it will be in H517
  • Will be for planning of 2019 events

Leasing Committee——

  • Introduction of Blake Gruber chairman of the committee
  • More in regular business

Vic discussed his recommendation for new committees, need to have chairpeople step forward before they can be created. These are:

  • Nuisance
  • Sustainability
  • Contractor


  • Piece of steel fell off of Power Plant recently and through a skylight. Skylight has been replaced. No injuries.Engineering firm has been contacted to look at Power Plant, they recommend close inspection of the Power Plant and Water Tower.
  • Dog run additions are being finished up
  • Getting a quote to swap out on of the new elliptical machines to be adjustable/easier for people with smaller body frames
  • Interior hallways will be painted this year, this will include owners doors that face into the hallway. Will not include the inside of the doors


Leasing Update

Leasing committee

  • Process could take months
  • Scope of the committee’s to research and advise
  • Portal discussion group will used
  • Facebook group will be secondary and point people back to the Portal
  • Committee will be limited to 5-6 members
  • Group to formed on week from meeting date
  • Will be a great opportunity for education to the community for any proposed changes

Open Lease Status

  • Inherited document is extremely poor and does not have dates of when owners were added
  • Inherited documentation is the starting point as advised by Attorney
  • Some Owners have come forth with compelling evidence to indicate they have a leasing permit that was not documented, leases, signed checks, corroborating emails
  • Do not know for sure how many open leases there are. Hope to have that finalized soon.

Review Motion Passed Last Month

  • No changes to the motion
  • Will waits until the Leasing committee has been meeting for a while see if it makes sense to change the part about assigning the open leases.
  • Does not make sense to discuss assigning open leases when we are not sure how many there are.
  • Discussion around definition of Hardship Leases. It is very subjective. currently are 3, some are ending shortly.

Meeting Adjourned

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