This is sort of an inside joke, but I am admitting that, for the absolute first time, our unit (E414) is listed on AirBnB … Open Homes version.

I went through the process to create a listing. For those who don’t track such stuff, AirBnB, to its credit, offers a way to use its space sharing power to help in times of disaster and emergency.

Think Dorian.

The way it works makes it very unlikely that it will be used as a way to evade the Stacks ban on short term rentals. So it’s easy for the Board to lend its support to owners (or renters) who want to help people in need.

Specifically, AirBnB Open Homes works like this:

  • You sign up for the Open Homes feature and create a listing for your property.
  • You can charge any fee you want … as long as it is $0.
  • AirBnB charges no fees and offers damage insurance.
  • You can set conditions (dogs/no dogs?, max length of stay, children? how many?, dates you are open)
  • You can read the rest as you go through the signup process on the site.
  • When the emergency is over, the listing is hidden unless/until there is another emergency where our area would be a logical refuge.

Jo and I filled out our listing for E414. We indicated the days we will be open to guests … and blocked off dates when we will be away. We decided to accept guests only if we are here while they visit. Other people can do it differently.

Unfortunately, Dorian probably won’t be the last event where this service is needed. So we plan to leave our listing up permanently. We will adjust the dates we are open.

Update: I previously thought that the listing is not public and only AirBnB’s non-profit partners can see it. They can, but so can the public … in a segregated listing only for this purpose. The rest of the conditions hold.

Update 2: AirBnB answers questions:

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