This portal version is a totally new WordPress construction. It carries over content (users, forums and old posts) from the old, but all of the wiring and plumbing was redone from scratch.

Most (over 90%) of the work was done by two people: Vic Uzumeri (E414) and an external, paid, part-time developer. Stackians Jim Durtschi and Liz Farquar helped with some of the graphics selection. The total cost to the HOA was about $4500. That includes paid external developer time, buying WordPress subscriptions and services and hosting in the Amazon Web Services ecosystem for a year.

The work tried to combine maximum frugality with volunteer sweat. The time of Vic, Jim and Liz was donated free. As a result, it isn’t a professional, commercial site … it’s just the best we could manage with what we had.

The new site still has areas of uncertainty or lack of polish that need to be addressed:

  • There are several new tools (Social Groups, Events and Volunteers, Office Services Store, Media Handling and Classified Ads) that lack content and lack the personnel or systems to manage the content. If any Stackians could volunteer to help run those, it would help immensely.
  • With the limited manpower, there weren’t enough hours to test every site setting or option. At least for a while, Stacks users will be acting as guinea pigs. Please be patient and constructive.
  • A social website like this is not really software – it’s a reflection of the people who use it. So please engage, use it and help it mature.
  • The site features offer new possibilities to organize Stacks-specific content: stories, history, help, media and video. That requires Stackians who engage and help create that content.

If you encounter issues or bugs, please don’t go to Jason or Donna. Use the yellow HELP button at the bottom right of every page to send info (screen shots would be great!) to the help desk … and start your message with “Portal:” That will get back (eventually) to the people who can actually fix things.


Vic Uzumeri, E414

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